Out now: Snppts for Xamarin Forms!

After a few months of development we are proud to announce a new service for everyone interested in Xamarin and Xamarin Forms specifically! 

Not every company has a design department at their disposal, I know we sure as hell don’t. So for all the developers who are struggling with implementing a graphical design we created Snppts! With Snppts we hope to create a community full of developers contributing their creations and providing the code to pull a specific piece of UI magic off.

Snppts was founded by two Xamarin developers from the Netherlands! You know.. That place near Holland. Being the mobile developers that we are we take a great interest in creating (re)useable and sexy UI designs since our non-existent design department won’t do it. At some point in time we stopped and thought to ourselves: ‘why not share this with the world’. So we decided to create a platform, the Snppts platform, where developers and designers from all over the world can come together and share their beautiful work.

So how can you contribute your snippets?

Actually contributing is quite simple. Simply register over at snppts.io and start adding your own snippets. Basically the only requirement we have is that the code is publicly available on Github. That way we can ensure that our snippets don’t become a black box where people showcase their awesome UIs but don’t tell you how it’s done. Currently the amount of snippets we have isn’t enormous but we all have to start somewhere. We hope we will have your support in helping us make Snppts an integral part of the Xamarin Forms development landscape!

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