Hi! I'm Steven Thewissen 👋

from the Netherlands

/ˈSTIːVƏN TEIːWISːSƐN/ A software developer from the Netherlands focusing on Xamarin development, crafting fancy UIs, tinkering in Azure DevOps and developing REST APIs. I started working with Xamarin in 2014 and have been in love with it ever since.
When I'm not coding you can find me writing blogs, tweeting, streaming, playing soccer, or just having some fun and the occasional drink with my friends. If you bring cookies, chocolate and/or a nice beer we can quickly become best friends.
Code, Short

Handling the new UIDatePicker in Xamarin.Forms

January 29, 2021 15:02

In iOS14, Apple introduced us to a new UIDatePicker. However, you may want to revert back to the old wheel-like style. How can we do it? Let’s check it out!

Code, Short

Styling the Android bottom tabs animation behavior and font

January 12, 2021 19:12

I recently used the bottom tabs navigation for Android, which comes with a fancy animation scaling the selected item. But what if you don’t want that?


Going dark; easily implementing dark mode in your Xamarin.Forms app

December 18, 2020 13:22

Dark mode; it’s all the rage in apps these days. Its main goal seems to be saving our eyes from burning out when reading things in a dark environment, but is that true?


Improving the touch targets in your apps using Xamarin.Forms

November 20, 2020 17:17

We can interact with our phones in different ways, but the most commonly used one is through touch. But what makes for good touch targets and how can we improve upon what we get out of the box in Xamarin.Forms? Let’s take a look!


How to provide negative numeric input on Xamarin.Forms iOS

October 6, 2020 16:06

When creating a text input in Xamarin.Forms you might want to show a numeric keyboard. However, when setting it up and running your app on iOS you can’t put in negative numbers. What’s up with that?


PancakeView goes v2.0! Here’s what’s new.

July 10, 2020 16:00

It’s been in the making for quite a while and the road to getting to the end result has been quite a struggle. However, it’s finally time to release version 2.0 of PancakeView!


Revisiting the base page concept using ContentView – Part 1

June 30, 2020 16:34

A while ago I wrote a blog about using the concept of a base page in Xamarin.Forms. Since people are still looking at options to swap out native controls for custom implementations due to complex visual requirements it might be worth revisiting this topic!

Code, Life

Live-streaming on a budget… sort of… maybe…

May 19, 2020 20:36

With COVID-19 keeping the world in its grasp your existing hobbies might not exist anymore. Same here. So it’s time to start some new ones! This is part 1 of me talking about my live-streaming experiences so far.


Playing with animation in Xamarin.Forms

April 23, 2020 17:18

Movement breathes life into your app. But getting started with animation in Xamarin.Forms might not be the simplest thing. This post explains how to get started with creating some cool animations you can use to spice up your app.


dotNETConf – First speaking gig: A retrospective

April 9, 2020 17:43

I had the privilege of being asked to speak at the latest dotNETConf, which completely focussed on Xamarin. My very first speaking gig, but how did I end up there and what was it like? In this post, I will share some thoughts.