Snppts Challenge Wrap-up

A while ago we started the Snppts Challenge, asking you to submit your good-looking UIs to the platform and promising swag in the process. Now that the deadline has passed, let’s take a quick look back on this challenge!

We think the response to this was great, with quite a few submissions. We’ve received 13 pull requests that qualified, averaging out the challenge to one per day. Taking a look at some of the cool stuff that was added we stumble upon someone we all probably know already; Kym Phillpotts. He uploaded his MarvelCards sample which you can find here.

Another cool sample comes from Kodjo Laurent Egbakou who added not one but three (!) snippets at the same time. Among them was this cool credit card app which he based on an existing Dribbble design.

Keeping with the financial theme, check out this contribution from Ricardo Prestes.

Want to see all of the other submissions? Head on over to Snppts now to check them out!

Wrapping Up

For those of you who created a PR, we have created a small survey for you to complete. Completing the survey ensures that your little bundle of swag makes it to your doorstep. We’re hoping submitting your first snippet has lowered the threshold to submit more of your work in the future. It deserves to be seen! Weren’t able to contribute this time around? Not a problem, contributing is possible 24/7!

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