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March 24, 2015 19:22 in

NuG(g)et: MiniProfiler

When using Entity Framework (or any other ORM for that matter) you always have to be aware of the queries you send to the database. When using a feature like lazy loading it’s fairly easy to create an N+1 query problem which makes you send more queries to the database than you should. MiniProfiler could help you out in […]

March 19, 2015 17:14 in

Uninstalling a stubborn Windows 8.1 app

Today we came across the issue that one of our customers’ IT specialists received a strange message while trying to install a new build of one of our apps.

March 17, 2015 23:10 in

Improving your Visual Studio comments

In my adventures in the Xamarin mobile world I particularly liked the fact how their Xamarin Studio IDE visually handles TODO comments. Basically, all it does is make the TODO part bold. I know that it’s a small thing to worry about, but I value the comments in my code and am a sucker for […]

March 10, 2015 21:41 in

Entity Framework performance tips

To honor the name of this blog I will also be writing posts about software development. The software developer that hasn’t turned to Google for some advice once in a while hasn’t been born yet. As a software developer you cannot know all the ins and outs of your trade. It might sound harsh but some people […]